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Trackur: Brand Management & Social Media Monitoring

Trackur: Brand Management & Social Media Monitoring

by Courtney Engle in Blog, Tech Tips

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As businesses continue to implement a online marketing strategy, they quickly look for their social media return on investment.  Getting those numbers can be difficult if you don’t know what others are saying about you.  It is important to listen to implement brand management, or monitor what is said about you, your company, and any products or services that you offer.

If you’ve gotten one of those amazing SEO keywords lists, or a list of key phrases your ideal clients are using online, it makes sense to include those words on your own website, and in places that you or your company posts any type of content (status messages, photo tags, video descriptions, or just about anywhere else).  But, finding where people are already using those same phrases can help you know where the your ideal clients are already showing up online.  That’s where to go comment on blogs, engage in a conversation, share their videos or photos to your community, or just begin to observe what they are saying.

So – how are you monitoring this information?  Google Alerts is a good start, as is SocialMention.  Google Alerts doesn’t show the sentiment, or whether the information was favorable or not.  Social mention is a great start as well, but doesn’t let you save the information.  Many other more robust services have popped up.   Trackur has just announced a limited account option that is now FREE.  Check out how you can better monitor the real-time web with their service.

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