Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Guide to following people on Twitter

Facebook Questions going live soon? | Courtney Engle

Facebook Questions just appeared in my list, but then quickly disappeared.  At this time, none of the tech news sites are posting any information on breaking this story yet.  Will we see a change soon?


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Linkedin Keyword Optimization

Great video sharing advanced ways to have your LinkedIn profile be discovered

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Google changes Gmail Contacts

Tired of the old Google Contacts?  It was pretty frustrating and a bit awkward to even locate.  The Gmail team has been rolling out changes for where to find these contacts, making them also more useful in the process. Now the contacts area acts much as the rest of Gmail.  You can easily add new contacts, view them, and compose personal notes about that contact.  In addition, you can upload photos or set the default contact photo to match the users Google Profile if they have created one.

It is much easier to organize your contacts into groups with these changes.  I believe this will be a hint of other Google accounts that may involve groups.  It is already connecting with your Google Voice and Google Reader accounts.  Will we see the way you organize your groups also transfer to the much hyped platform?

Google Contacts improved

Google Changes Gmail Contacts:

In addition, your Tasks have been upgraded as well.  Aside from moving the navigation to the top left of the page, I haven't noticed many other changes.  I still prefer Things for iPhone and Mac.  It helps me practice GTD - Getting Things Done.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Backing up your Bookmarks or Favorites online

backing up your bookmarksSaving your bookmarks or favorites to your computer is a quick way to access your favorite websites.  If you reformat your computer or some other disaster strikes, you may loose all those important sites.  Even if you access multiple computers or other devices, you won't have the same bookmarks on each computer.  A great way to ensure you have your content backed up is to use social bookmarking.  By backing up your bookmarks or favorites to a social bookmarking site, like Delicious or Diigo, you will be able to access your saved information no matter what computer you are using.  Synchronizing your bookmarks makes navigating the web much easier.

Learn about Social Bookmarks in Plain English: by CommonCraft

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