Monday, January 13, 2014

Get started with Mobile Marketing - Part 4, SMS Text Message

Can SMS Text Message Marketing help your business?  It depends upon the type of business you have and the customers you serve.

So far, we’ve looked at What is Mobile Marketing in Part 1, What is Location Based Marketing in Part 2,  and the best ways to implement QR Codes in Part 3.

SMS/MMS/Text Message Marketing

Much like email marketing, sms or text message marketing is a great way to reach your customers.  Mobile messages have an astonishing 99% open rate.  The primary difference between sms vs mms is that sms is text only, while mms can include images, audio, and video as well.

Where SMS Marketing Shines:

  1. Event promotions

  2. Promoting physical locations (discounts, specials, or new products and services)

  3. Integrating in to traditional media campaigns (radio, print, tv)

  4. Lots more

How to Opt In to SMS Marketing:

  1. Text a short code to a specific number from your phone

  2. Visit a specific page within a website to fill in via a computer

  3. Scan a QR code

sms marketing

 SMS Providers:

  1. EZ Texting – a free way to get started building your list and pay when you are ready to send messages.  Integrates with email systems.  You can join mine at: