Saturday, March 12, 2011

Event Planning, Marketing, & Participation Guide | Courtney Engle

Whether you are heading to SxSW this week, or your nearest Wordcamp, Podcamp, or Barcamp, the new rise in event planning applications is sure to connect you with attendees, speakers, and event coordinators.

Planning an Event or Conference:


Also market your event using:

Getting there:


Connecting attendees during your event:

Event Mobi

Streaming the event:

Reviewing presentations:


Post your coverage first to these places, then load into Lanyrd:

Slidedecks: Slideshare or Prezi
Video: Youtube
Photos: Flickr Groups

What other tips do you have for conference goers and event marketers? Leave a comment:


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  1. It sounds like this will be an awesome event. Just wanted to make an addition to the list. If you are the one who is in charge of planning an upcoming event, consider using an all in one platform that allows you to do this. This event planning software is specifically built to ensure efficient collaboration. Thanks to its drag and drop style interface it's so easy to arrange venue floor plans.