Thursday, October 7, 2010

Facebook Groups Overhauled to function as Lists | Courtney Engle

Facebook overhauled Groups to function in place of Lists.  Only 5% of users were using the Lists feature to organize their connections.  To remedy this solution, Facebook has reworked the Groups feature.  By logging in to Groups, you can add anyone you want to the group you create. A quick rundown of the new features:

  • Group Chat
  • Group Notices
  • Shared docs
  • Limited icons reflecting your group

Facebook Groups Demo:

This has strong potential to quickly become spammy, but also can be great when handled appropriately. I like the idea of using this with social friends primarily, and to create networking opportunities.  Avoid adding others to groups just as a way to socialize with them.  The next area of mind-numbing but needed organization is to remove ourselves from groups that we’ve been added to unnecessarily.  Within moments of the new groups, I noticed several of my connections being added to public lists in a rather spammy fashion. See: The Ugly Side Of The New Facebook Groups

  • Opt-out
  • Can’t hide group chat
  • Confusion vs pages and lists

Here’s step-by-step how to create a group: “How To: Create your new group on Facebook”

I quickly did a demo of how to create a group.  I can see this becoming useful for my weekly get-togethers with friends:

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