Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Social Media Shortcut: Upload your videos to multiple places with Tubemogul

Sharing your videos to multiple places at the same time can increase not only how many people you can reach, but also how viewers discover your website.  By sharing your video to multiple places at once, as well as filling in the complete information with keyword descriptions and a link to your own website or a specific blog post, you will help viewers find your content.

Uploading videos to so many places can be an undertaking.  There are two great tools to upload this content.  Tubemogul and Traffic Geyser.  While Traffic Geyser offers far more features, if you are in need of a free video uploading tool for more than one month, check out Tubemogul.  While not as full featured, it does offer the ability to bulk upload and measure statistics on your videos.

Learn how to use Tubemogul here:

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